Losing weight never tasted so good

Delicious Dieting

Losing weight never tasted so good

Delicious Dieting focuses on enjoying the food you eat whilst you change your eating habits in order to lose weight. When you learn to really enjoy your food and to eat just what your body needs, you will be satisfied both physically and emotionally at every meal.

Reducing the amount you eat leads to weight loss

Maximising your enjoyment of food comes from eating in tune with your body, not from eating more food. When you wait until you’re slightly hungry and then eat something you really love, you’ll experience the greatest pleasure from eating. And when you eat just enough, your body will be able to digest properly and be feeling slightly hungry again by the next delicious meal.

This means that Delicious Dieting is the most delicious diet in the world! It’s very easy to stick to, so that the weight you lose is easy to keep off permanently.


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What makes food taste delicious?

  • feeling slightly hungry when you start eating, because that’s when your taste buds are at their most sensitive

  • choosing foods you already love because these will give you the most pleasure

  • eating good quality food




What do you learn with Delicious Dieting?

  • you learn to eat in tune with your body

  • you learn to welcome and even enjoy mild, gentle hunger

  • you learn how to stop eating when you’ve had enough

  • you learn how to overcome the blocks which may have stopped you losing weight in the past



How does Delicious Dieting help you lose weight?


By learning to eat in tune with your body’s natural hunger and fullness signals, you eat the amount your body needs. We gain weight when we eat more than we need, and for many of us it’s not so much what we eat that is the problem as how much we eat. ┬áThe really good news is that when we return to being able to wait to eat until we feel slightly hungry and being able to stop eating when we’ve had just enough, we can lose weight and continue to eat all of our favourite foods, for life.


The result: you lose excess weight, enjoy the foods you love and stabilise at a healthy weight.