Losing weight never tasted so good

Delicious Dieting

Losing weight never tasted so good

Unhelpful Eating Habits Checklist


It’s the way that we eat day-in, day-out that determines what we weigh, and whether we are gaining, losing or staying at the same weight.  Taken together, our overall eating habits lead us to weigh what we weigh.


To change our weight we need to change our eating habits. And if we want to be able to stay at our new weight, we need to change our eating habits permanently.  Habit change can be hard work, but it’s made easier if you change just one habit at a time.


Here’s a list of the most common unhelpful eating habits. Tick those that apply to you. Then look at which of the ones you’ve ticked you want to work on first.  You’ll find tips on how to make these changes via the links to articles on this website.


Any questions or difficulties with this, send us a question for our upcoming Agony Aunt column and we’ll aim to answer your questions there


  1. Problems with your eating routine
  • My eating routine is erratic or non-existent
  • I skip meals quite often



  1. Eating too much at any one time
  • My portion sizes are too big
  • I eat dessert even if I’m already full
  • I eat extra food now in case I’m hungry later
  • I have times when I binge on unhealthy foods and can’t stop myself eating




  1. Eating when you’re not hungry
  • I graze throughout the day
  • I eat out of habit (eg biscuits with tea/coffee)
  • I eat something just because it’s there
  • I pick at food while I’m cooking
  • I eat when I feel bored/ stressed/ angry/ agitated/ anxious, even though I’m not hungry
  • I get cravings for particular foods and tend to give in to them




  1. Problems with what you’re eating
  • I find that food I expect to enjoy isn’t satisfying so I keep trying other foods
  • I have an unbalanced diet